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If you purchase this product you will earn 11-65 Points worth of 0.11-0.65!

πŸ‹ Moby Dick (Feminised) by Green House Seed Co 🌱

Prepare to embark on a legendary journey with the Moby Dick, a powerful and feminized cannabis strain that’s here to make waves! 🌊

🌿 Genetics: A harmonious fusion of Haze x White Widow, combining the best of both worlds – 40% Sativa and 60% Indica.

πŸ§ͺ Potency: Get ready for a THC-packed voyage with an impressive 23% THC content, while CBD and CBN remain at a low 0.12%.

πŸ’₯ Effects: Brace yourself for a captivating journey – Moby Dick delivers a potent, intense sativa high, accompanied by a deeply relaxing body-stoned sensation that lingers for an extended period.

🌼 Indoor Cultivation: Sail through a 9-week flowering period, with yields of up to a remarkable 800 gr/m2. Ideal for SCRoG techniques!

🌳 Outdoor Cultivation: Set your course for an outdoor harvest by the first week of October (North hemisphere), reaping a bountiful production of up to 1200 gr/plant. Moby Dick grows tall with long branches, reaching for the sky.

🌟 Description: The Moby Dick is the culmination of a brilliant breeding endeavor, blending the renowned Haze plant with the equally famous White Widow. The goal? To reduce the flowering time of the Haze strain while enhancing flower consistency, thanks to White Widow’s high-yielding and frosty characteristics. Moby Dick is the triumphant result, ticking all the boxes of this improvement plan.

This strain showcases vigorous Sativa growth, balanced by the moderating influence of White Widow. The result? A striking, tall, and robust plant with medium to short internodes that sprout flower sites aplenty. Moby Dick’s flowers can reach impressive sizes, akin to bottles, when provided with the right care and light. It stands tall as one of the highest-yielding strains in our catalog.

As for its aroma, expect a harmonious blend of White Widow’s earthy and creamy notes with the Haze’s potent Sativa scents, featuring piney and woody undertones that evoke the essence of tree sap. Under perfect conditions, Moby Dick’s THC levels can soar to a staggering 24%. With its high yield and potent effects, it’s the ideal choice for large-scale cultivators.

The effects of Moby Dick are swift and impactful, delivering a robust Sativa head high complemented by a lasting and substantial body effect. It’s a strain that promises an unforgettable voyage into the world of cannabis.

Set sail with Moby Dick, and let this iconic strain take you on a cannabis adventure like no other! 🚒🌿



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