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If you purchase this product you will earn 9-35 Points worth of 0.09-0.35!

šŸŒ Auto Banana BlazeĀ® by Dutch Passion šŸŒ

Get ready to go bananas with Auto Banana BlazeĀ® by Dutch Passion! This Indica-dominant autoflower is a true delight for cannabis enthusiasts. šŸŒæšŸŒ

šŸŒ± Easy to Grow: Why should you choose Auto Banana Blaze feminized seeds? Because she’s a breeze to cultivate and doesn’t demand a special feeding schedule to thrive. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced grower, this strain makes the cultivation process a walk in the park. šŸŒ±šŸŒŸ

šŸŒæ Robust Indica Dominance: Auto Banana Blaze boasts a robust Indica dominance with an unmistakable, penetrating aroma. Prepare to be enchanted by its creamy, sweet, fruity, and tropical scent that will transport you to a paradise of flavors. šŸŒ“šŸ¬

šŸŒ² Bushy, Christmas Tree Structure: Its growth pattern is akin to a lush Christmas tree, laden with full, hard buds that yield generously. This tough autoflower can handle cooler temperatures, making it adaptable to various climates. From seed to harvest, it takes around 12 weeks, and the reward is well worth the wait. šŸŒ²šŸŽ„

šŸŒ Banana Bliss: As the name suggests, Auto Banana Blaze offers a sweet, fruity, and tropical banana aroma that’s sure to captivate your senses. The taste is best savored when smoked in a pure joint, allowing the creamy and fruity banana flavors to shine. šŸŒšŸŒ¬ļø

šŸŒ¼ Sticky Trichome Heaven: This banana Indica autoflower produces long, resin-rich buds in a Christmas tree structure. Expect a thick, oily layer of resin on the flowers, a characteristic of its Indica genes. Harvesting and manicuring may get a bit sticky, so gloves are recommended. Don’t forget to collect that precious scissor hash along the way. Smoking Auto Banana Blaze is a true pleasure! šŸŒ¼šŸ”„

šŸ§¬ Genetic Marvel: Auto Banana Blaze is the result of a cross between Dutch Passion’s photoperiod feminized Banana Blaze and the legendary Auto Mazar. This genetic combination has yielded a potent, high-yielding autoflower with an enticing aroma and flavor profile. An Indica-dominant autoflower you’ll fall in love with! šŸ§¬ā¤ļø

Embrace the tropical allure of Auto Banana BlazeĀ® and experience the delightful fusion of creamy, fruity, and sweet banana goodness. Don’t miss out on this easy-to-grow, high-yielding, and potent autoflowering strain from Dutch Passion. šŸŒšŸŒæšŸŒŸ


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